What are the advantages of Chromebooks?

As you know, Chromebooks are more economical, lightweight, and portable than traditional laptops. Therefore, they are becoming more popular nowadays.

Chromebooks that come with backlit keyboards allow you to play games and do typing work under a dim-light environment.

what are advantages of chromebooks

There are many other advantages of Chromebooks, but I am going to discuss here some of their key benefits. So keep on reading before buying a Chromebook.

Advantages of Chromebooks that make them popular:

1. Cheaper than traditional laptops

Chromebooks allow you to work when you are online. For example, you can do word processing, make spreadsheets, presentations, and much more through Google documents. 

All the work done is saved onto the cloud, so you don’t need to have large storage as well as a powerful processor. Therefore, Chromebooks don’t require spending a lot of money on the more powerful processor and large storage. 

2. Low maintenance cost

Unlike other laptops, the Chromebook requires very little maintenance. This is because it has very few applications that need to be installed every time there are updates. Also, because Chrome OS updates itself regularly, you will always have access to the latest version of your operating system with no need for installation.

3. Have long battery life

The battery life on most modern Chromebooks is enough to last around six hours without having to be charged again which makes this type of laptop perfect for business trips or holidays when you may not have access to a power socket for long periods of time.

It means that your work will never be stopped by lack of power and you can continue working as though you were at your desk in the office.

4. Lightweight and portable

Chromebooks don’t require heavy processors and long storage drives, so they are often lighter than traditional laptops. You can carry them easily from one place to another while traveling. 

5. Good choice for travelers

Most travelers love lightweight and portable laptops. If your work nature requires frequent traveling, Chromebook will be a good choice for you because of its portability, flexibility, and long battery life.

6. Built-in antivirus for security

Some Chromebooks have built-in antivirus for detecting and removing malware. That’s why Chromebooks are more secure than traditional laptops. Moreover, these antivirus programs are updated frequently so that any new kind of virus can be detected and removed. 

7. Plenty of cloud storage

One advantage of using Google Chrome laptops is their ability to save files on the cloud automatically via Google Drive which is built into most models and allows you to access any file from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It makes working both easier and more efficient because there is no need to save updates onto disks before you leave work or find an internet connection to see your latest project updates.

8. You can run Android Apps

One of the most interesting features of Chromebooks is, they provide you the facility to run your favorite Android apps. So Chromebooks work as Android devices as well as laptops. They are really helpful for doing basic school and university homework.

The Chromebook has proved to be one of the most popular laptops in recent years. This is because it comes with lots of advantages that are beneficial to the user. Here are some of them:

9. Connectivity

Chrome laptops were designed to be connected to the world via wifi connections so there are lots of free hotspots which you can connect to whenever you need them most, and they will never run out of battery power either which is another great benefit if they don’t have a power outlet available when you need it most. This means that you never have to worry about missing important emails because your laptop was not able to join a network when it needed to.

10. Security

As with most other Chromebook models, this one comes with encryption technology that protects your data if your computer ever gets lost or stolen. Secure access options are also easily accessible which makes using this laptop very easy indeed.

11. No Windows Operating System

The Windows operating system is sometimes seen as the biggest security risk for laptops today because there are so many different types of viruses that can affect it. Because Chromebooks only use the Chrome operating system, they are 100% safe from all known forms of the virus making them ideal for home or office use.

12. User Friendly

One benefit of using chrome is that there are no updates needed so is no need to worry about the operating system crashing mid-way through a project. It is also very user-friendly and can be used by someone who has never used a laptop before as well as those people who use them every day of their lives.

13. Perfect for Students

Chromebooks are ideal for students because they automatically have access to things like Google Docs which all university students are encouraged to use in the digital age. There is no need to price compare or print out copies of your work as everything that you need will always be online where you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

14. Free Software Updates

As previously said, there are no software updates needed on a Chromebook because they do not use Windows instead only the Chrome operating system which means that problems are almost unheard of. There are also lots of free updates available for things like Google software which is always improving the way that you can use your laptop without ever having to pay extra for it.

15. Sharing is Caring

Chromebooks are great because many people in one household or small office can share them without any problems at all. This means that there is no need to buy individual laptops if just a few members of staff will be using them, and they will be able to save money by sharing this device instead of each buying their own machine.

16. Online Work

When you are working online it is important that the laptop is as reliable as possible, and Chromebooks can be relied upon to work perfectly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any delays at all. This means that your work will never be halted or slowed down due to technical problems which makes this type of laptop perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

17. Secure

Security is the biggest factor for most people when buying anything nowadays, and it is important that any type of laptop has at least some form of security measures in place to prevent virus damage. The Chrome operating system was designed with this in mind because it automatically has all of the latest antivirus software installed which means that there are no threats to your data whatsoever.

18. Always Online

Many Chromebooks have an offline mode for those times when you can’t access the internet, but this doesn’t mean that they are not safe during these periods as all files are saved on the device itself so you can continue working whenever you need to be – even if it is without an internet connection. This is perfect for those who often find themselves in places that do not have wifi or computer access such as on planes and trains.

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