How to turn ON the keyboard light on Chromebook?

Do you have a Chromebook that has backlit keyboard and don’t know how to turn on keyboard light on Chromebook? Don’t worry. In this blog post, we have discussed the topic thoroughly, so you can easily turn on the keyboard light and utilize its functionality.

The following steps are just what I did before to turn on Chromebook backlit keyboard:

1. Make sure that your Chromebook can support the backlight function. You can just do this by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+I, then the menu will pop up with the lighting effects option(there should be 4 “S” letters). 

How to turn ON the keyboard light on Chromebook

Then press the lighting effect you want to use, such as “Off“, “Steady On“, or whatever suits you best.

2. The next thing is making Chromebook automatically activate the lighting effect when Chromebook starts up. 

You can go to “Settings“, then click “Keyboard“, find out “Turn on” options for all of the Chromebooks’ keyboards(if your Chromebook uses multiple keyboard layouts, you have to do this step again).

3. Now just enjoy Chromebook’s backlit keyboard while reading eBooks or surfing the internet

Hope that helps!

How to turn on the backlit keyboard HP Chromebook?

If you have a Chromebook that features a backlit keyboard but the light of the keyboard does not turn on, then try this step-by-step guide.

I am going to tell you how to turn on the backlit keyboard on an HP Chromebook, I had a problem with the same so I know what is going through your mind right now.

In order to check if the issue is caused because of faulty hardware, first, we need to get rid of any software issues. So follow these steps :

1) Press ctrl+alt+delete at the same time & then click the task manager. If that doesn’t work, try pressing ctrl+shift+esc.

2) Once open, click Processes and in that find chromium.exe and check the CPU column in the processes tab in task manager.

If it is >90% then you will need to hard reset your computer because this means too much chromium is running in the background. It means if you do a ctrl+alt+delete again, whatever you end up opening will run slowly particularly in your browser(chromium).

3) Now try to make sure all unnecessary programs are closed & repeat step one again. But this time close any other process or program that isn’t necessary for the smooth functioning of your Chromebook.  

If a program keeps crashing every time you open a certain program then it can also be a cause of slow opening & closing of Chromebook programs. 

You will then need to hard reset your computer again because there is too much run in the background.

If that doesn’t work even after closing all other processes and repeating step one, you can try this:

4) Try to press ctrl+shift+q at the same time & if it opens up a task manager, click “more details” and under the “processes” tab close the process called plugin-container.exe as well as Flashplayer. so(if it’s open).

If that does not solve then you will have to do a power wash on your chrome book which means delete everything from your Chromebook & start over again but take a backup from Gmail first.

5) Now, if it still doesn’t work after trying all the above steps then you will need to replace your keyboard.

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The keyboard has light sensors that automatically power on the backlight when it gets dark enough

When it is bright outside, or too much light is present near your laptop, the backlighting turns off to conserve battery power and protect your eyes.

If you are having problems with your keys not lighting up when typing in low-light conditions this may be due to faulty hardware. Simply replacing the keyboard will solve this issue.

How to turn on the backlit keyboard ASUS Chromebook?

The ASUS Chromebook has a backlit keyboard feature that you can activate by pressing and holding both the Up and Down arrow keys for 5 seconds at the boot. Refresh your machine, and it should be active.

If it’s still not activated, try the following process.

You can turn it ON by entering into your chrome browser and going to Chrome://flags/#enable-overlay-scrollbars

Just click “Enable” and it will save your preferences.

Now go to chrome://settings/search#q=backlit+keyboard which brings up the option to turn the backlit keyboard ON.

In my experience, as long as you have a fresh login after enabling this setting, it remembers your choice every time you open Chrome! Hope that helped!

How to turn on the backlit keyboard Acer chromebook?

In this section, I will help you to turn on the backlit keyboard on Acer Chromebook.

When you are in the dark using your Acer Chromebook, it’s hard to type in the dark without a backlit keyboard or illuminated keys. When you are working in the dark or watching movies in low light conditions, having one can save your time!

You can follow these steps to turn ON the backlit keyboard on the Acer Chromebook laptop model.

  • Open Setting by clicking the status area (where time appears)
  • Select Brightness & lock
  • Select Keyboard backlight level
  • Adjust the slider bar for desired brightness level for your keyboard lighting effect. The brighter your screen is set, the brighter your keyboard will be also.
  • Click the Screen lock button

You can check and see if you’ve successfully enabled the Acer Chromebook keyboard backlight or lighting key by looking at the status area (where time appears).

If it is ON, the clock should now read “ON” instead of “OFF”. If it’s OFF, your laptop locks when you close the lid.

That is all there is to turn ON the backlit keyboard on Acer Chromebook.

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  1. I have a ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 which should have backlit keyboard, but is not enabled by default and can’t seem to manage to enable it with the above methods. Any help?

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