How to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player quickly?

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There are a few ways to make a burned DVD play. One way is to try burning the DVD at a slower speed. Another way is to format the disc as data rather than video. Finally, you can try downloading and installing a software that will allow you to play the burned DVD on your computer.

If you are using a laptop with a built-in DVD player, you can try downloading and installing a software program that will allow you to play the burned DVD on your computer. Some of these programs include VLC Media Player and WinDVD.

Another option is to try burning the DVD at a slower speed. It will help ensure that the disc is playable on most DVD players.

Finally, you can try formatting the disc as data rather than video. It will also help ensure that the disc is playable on most DVD players.

Things to consider to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player

1. Make sure that the DVD player is compatible with the DVD writer device you used to write the disc. Most standalone players are, but some computer-based drives may not handle certain media types, such as rewritable discs.

2. Ensure that your DVD burner is compatible with your DVD player’s specifications. For example, a single-layer disc cannot be read from a double-layer drive and vice versa. Additionally, recordable DVDs can only be read by recordable DVD drives. If you do not have an appropriate drive for writing – or if it cannot playback what has been written – there will be nothing you can do to correct this issue without physically the equipment in question.

3. Ensure that the DVD you are using is not damaged or corrupted in any way. A single scratch can render a disc unreadable, and some players cannot read discs if they have been burned with a rewritable disc rather than a write-once format.

4. Read your computer’s manual to learn more about DVD writing speeds and how they affect playback compatibility. Some players will only play discs burned at certain speeds, so it may be necessary for you to burn your optical media at slower speeds for them to be compatible with your player.

5. Buy from reputable sellers who offer returns/exchanges on their products, especially when buying used optical media without receipts or invoices, which you know has been handled poorly. If you are stuck with a defective disc, your best shot at an immediate fix is to buy another copy of the same item to replace it.

6. Consider backing up your DVD movies rather than playing them directly from optical media. For example, you can back up your movies on hard drives, blank record-able discs or online storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive for playback on your computer using the included media player software.

7. Keep in mind that some newer players may come with “no-read” zones which prevent reading portions of DVDs due to certain factors related to their manufacture. These include the presence of dust particles inside them and other manufacturing anomalies that cause read errors during playback.

In some cases, players may have “region” or “zone” restrictions limiting playback to discs originating from a specific part of the world. A way to circumnavigate these issues is to use an external DVD player or software-based player that is not subject to the same restrictions as the built-in player on your computer.

8. If you are still having trouble getting your burned DVDs to play in your player, try different brands of discs or consult the DVD player’s manual for more troubleshooting tips specific to that model. Finally, if all else fails and you have a valid warranty, consider returning the DVD player for a replacement.

What types of DVDs can be burned?

How to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player

Different formats can be used to burn movies onto DVDs:

  1. Dual Layer: A dual-layer disc holds twice as much data as a single-layered one, and it is considered more durable due to its silver alloy coating.
  2. Single Layer: This disk type does not have many layers, but it offers the same amount of space as a dual-layer without being too thick or heavy. It also works better with older players and computers, whereas a dual-layer may encounter problems.
  3. Re-writable: This type of DVD is similar to a CD in that it can be rewritten many times, which makes it ideal for temporary storage purposes, such as when you want to play a movie on your computer but do not wish to keep the file.

What format do I need to burn a DVD to play on my TV?

A DVD needs to be in the MPEG-2 format to be played back on your TV. The formats are different depending on where you live, so you will need to find out what signal type your country or region uses. You can do this by looking at your TV’s documentation or simply googling “what format does (your country name here) use for DVDs” and looking at the results.

What is the best format for burning movies to DVD?

The best format for burning movies to DVD is MPEG-2. Other choices will not be as high in quality and could cause compatibility problems with certain TVs or players.

How long does it take to burn a movie onto a DVD?

The amount of time needed to burn movies onto DVDs depends on several factors, including how large the video file is and what format you choose. For example, while burning at 4x speed will result in less quality, this speed should only take about an hour or so, depending upon the size of the disk. A dual-layer disc will take longer because it needs time for writing data.

Do you have to format a DVD before burning it?

Yes, you do need to format a DVD before burning it. Formatting a DVD is very similar to formatting a USB drive. Some programs will do the format for you when they burn the DVD.

How to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player – Step by Step Guide

  1. Get the DVD writer that will allow you to burn your movie on a disk.
  2. Download and install ImgBurn, the application that will write the contents of your film to the disk. After installation has been completed successfully, run the program.
  3. Insert a blank recordable DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. You can then use it as an input device by pressing “Click here to browse for files on PC” located on your left-hand side under “Source“.
  4. Browse through your hard drive until you have found the location of the movie file(s) you want to burn onto the disc. Select all of them at once using Ctrl+A or Shift+Ctrl+A if viewing the list form. Then right-click and choose “Add to Queue”.
  5. Double-click the name of your movie under “Titles” on the right side of the program. It will open up its properties.
  6. Under “General”, ensure that the correct DVD drive is selected in the “Destination Drive” box. If it is not already set, choose your writer from the list.
  7. Click on the “Write Speed” tab and change it to “4x“. It will ensure a better quality burn.
  8. Click on the “Finalize DVD” tab and check both boxes – “Close session without saving project” and “Finalize disc“.
  9. Click on the green arrow button at the bottom left corner of the window to begin burning your movie to disc.
  10. When the burn is finished, it will eject the DVD from your drive and shutdown ImgBurn. Now take your burned disc and put it back into your player. It should play without a problem.
  11. If all else fails, change out the disk for another one that you know works or try to fix your writer by getting a new lens.

What are the pros and cons of burning DVDs?


DVDs are much more durable than CDs due to their plastic coating. They can also hold a lot more data, making them ideal for backing up huge files or sharing with other people.

Con :

DVDs are much slower than CDs as each contains a larger amount of data. Also, they can only be written once and then become read-only discs, which means you cannot add new or delete old content.

Can I burn a movie to a DVD and play it back on my computer?

No, you cannot burn a movie to a DVD and play it back on your computer. A DVD is meant to be played on a standalone player, not a computer. If you want to watch a DVD on your computer, you will need to install a separate DVD player software.

What is the difference between burning and copying a DVD?

When you burn a DVD, the disc’s contents are permanently written onto it. It means that if it gets scratched or damaged, the data will be lost. When you copy a DVD, it is not written to the disk. Instead, all the data on that disc will be copied into a file. You can then access this file on your computer or watch it via your DVD player software.

What is the best DVD burning software for windows 10?

Many different DVD-burning software programs are available for Windows 10, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. You may want to consider the features offered, the ease of use, and the price.

One popular option is Nero Burning ROM, which offers a wide range of features and is very easy to use. Another option is Roxio Creator NXT Pro, which provides a wide range of features and is reasonably priced.

Yet another great option is Cyberlink Power2Go, which has an intuitive interface and a good selection of features. Whichever program you choose, read reviews before purchasing to ensure that it will meet your needs.

Why won’t my burned DVD play on my DVD player?

There are a few reasons your burned DVD might not play on your DVD player. One possibility is that the DVD player is not compatible with the format of the DVD. Another case is that the DVD was not burned correctly. Finally, there is also possible a problem with the DVD player itself.

How to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player – Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed about, “How to make a burned DVD play in a DVD player“. As you know, burning DVDs is an excellent way to backup important information that you do not want getting lost, damaged, scratched or stolen. However, if you want a music/video CD to listen to in your car stereo, it would be better to buy blank discs without the DVD format. That way, there will be less confusion over which disc is which and you won’t risk mistakenly blowing away all your hard work.

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