Best Laptops with DVD Drive in the USA | 10+ Top Picks

Are you looking for the best laptops with DVD drive that can help you in creating and playing DVDs? Don’t worry. We have found some most popular models for you.

These models have powerful CPUs, extensive memory and fast SSD storage that can handle heavy multitasking and run modern games smoothly. You can burn and play DVDs without any lag in performance. Some models also have a backlit keyboard for your better gaming experience even in low light conditions.

In this article, we have discussed features of some best laptops with DVD players built in to help you find the best deal for you. So, go through the article to pick the best suitable model for your working environment.

If you are in rush, you can quickly buy the best fit from our top picks below!

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Best laptops with DVD drives – Our top picks

1- Lenovo Thinkpad T430 | Best Laptop with DVD drive

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Features Overview:

Lenovo ThinkPad T430 laptop is one of the best laptops with DVD drive that is an excellent choice for business owners who need a good performance laptop to run office applications.

This laptop is a powerful workhorse with its Intel Dual-Core i5 processor. It can clock in at 3.3 GHz and provides excellent performance for multitasking or heavy-duty tasks such as video editing.

It features 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, making it a powerful laptop for college under $300 on the market for heavy multitasking. It can run multiple programs at the same time without any lag in performance.

The Lenovo Thinkpad has enough storage for your data. With a spacious 320GB HDD, you can store all of the files on this device without worrying about running low.

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 comes equipped with ‎14 Inches display that produces crisp and clear images. In addition, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ensures that the picture you see is always of high quality.

It comes with Windows 10 Professional installed. It’s a must-have feature if you plan on using your laptop for work or school projects.

The Lenovo laptop features three USB Type-A ports for connecting a variety of different peripherals. These include a mouse, a flash drive, or an external hard disk drive.

A mini display port also allows you to connect the laptop to an external monitor, which is ideal for presentations or when dealing with multiple applications simultaneously. It also comes with a VGA port for connecting to a projector or an external monitor.

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Laptop allows you to connect to the internet with its ‎802.11bgn WiFi connection, which can be placed in sleep mode when not used for energy-saving purposes.

It has both a webcam and microphone. It allows users to engage in video chats when needing to communicate with others online.

There is also a DVD drive to watch movies or listen to music whenever the mood strikes you.

The Bottom Line:

The Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Laptop is a great choice for business owners who need a laptop for Microsoft office applications. The Intel Dual-Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM make running this laptop without experiencing too much lag.

  • Good for multitasking
  • Can run office applications
  • Good performance
  • Three USB Type-A ports as well as a VGA port
  • Runs hot when under heavy load
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Slow HDD storage

2- Dell Latitude E6440 | Cheapest laptop with DVD drive

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Features Overview:

The Dell Latitude E6440 Laptop is a durable workhorse with an impressive 14 inches display. It’s perfect for professionals who want to do more than browse the internet and send emails from time to time without spending too much.

It has a fast and powerful processor that will keep your computer running smoothly. The Core i5-4300M clocked in at 2.6 GHz, with its base frequency being 3GHz, offering up plenty of power for multitasking needs or gaming when you want it to be responsive without sacrificing performance.

Dell’s Latitude E6440 features 8 GB of fast and reliable memory that will keep you running smoothly. In addition, it is equipped with a 256GB solid-state drive, which provides quick access to data while running lighter on your laptop’s power.

The laptop comes equipped with four USB Type-A Ports that allow you to connect big data transferring appliances or your preferred peripherals to the computer within seconds.

The HDMI port will allow for a flawless transition from working on projects at work or home and watching them unfold on an HDTV in all their HD glory.

The Dell Latitude E6440 Laptop features a built-in VGA port for an external monitor and an RJ-45 connector for a reliable and stable internet connection to the Ethernet.

If you want to stay connected to the internet at all times, Ethernet is a fast way of doing so without struggling with WiFi limitations.

There is also a security lock slot that will allow you to secure your Dell E6440 Laptop with a physical lock against theft while protecting it from trespassers.

It has a sturdy and strong battery that will last for about 3 hours before it needs to be recharged again, allowing you plenty of time at the office or on the go without worrying about your computer dying on you all of a sudden.

The Bottom Line:

The Dell Latitude E6440 Laptop is one of the best laptops with DVD players built in that features all the capabilities you need for work and play. Its fast and powerful processor will keep your laptop snappy and running smoothly. At the same time, its 14-inch display provides adequate room for web browsing or watching movies on the go without sacrificing quality.

  • Fast and powerful processor
  • fast and reliable memory
  • solid-state drive for quick access to your data
  • 4 USB Type-A Ports
  • HDMI Port and VGA port
  • Battery life could last longer
  • The fan produces a louder sound under heavy load

3- HP Probook 640 G1 | HP Laptop with DVD drive

Best laptops with DVD players built in | HP Pro book 640 G1

Features Overview:

The HP Probook 640 G1 is one of the best laptops with DVD players built in that is made for those looking to get a lot of work done and stay productive. This powerful laptop runs on Intel Core i5-4300M with a clock speed that reaches up to 2.50 GHz, giving you plenty of processing power when using multiple programs at once or playing demanding games like League Of Legends without laggy frame rates.

The Probook 640 G1 has a 14-inch HD display that provides a good color gamut, sharpness, and brightness. You can play games or stream videos for hours without straining your eyes due to the uncomfortable screen.

It features Intel HD Graphics 4600 that is capable of playing most games with high frame rates. The dedicated graphics card is very good for a business laptop, as the HP Probook 640 G1 targets business users and gamers on a budget.

The HP Probook 640 features 8 GB RAM, which provides you with plenty of memory for running different programs simultaneously. It also features a 512GB SATA hard drive with a speed of 5400 RPM, making it very fast and reliable for saving files and installing most games.

It features 4 USB Type-A ports that allow you to connect many different devices without worrying about not having enough ports. It also features a display port and a VGA port for connecting to larger screens and projectors.

An Ethernet connector allows you to connect it to the internet through cable or an external modem if needed.

The HP Probook 640 G1 also features a high definition 720p camera that is good for video conferencing and taking pictures/videos with friends on Skype. In addition, it has a microphone, allowing you to talk on chat services like Facebook.

It includes a DVD drive that is very useful for watching movies or installing different programs from discs without transferring files via USB. The installation of programs takes a little longer due to their speed, but it’s not very inconvenient for normal use.

The HP Probook 640 comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. It is very fast and runs pretty well without occasional lags or slowdowns.

The Bottom Line:

The HP Probook 640 G1 is the perfect laptop that offers smooth performance, fast processing speeds for work or school, 8 GB RAM that allows you to multitask easily, and Windows 10 that runs smoothly without lags.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop under $400, you can get the HP Probook 640 G1 , making it an even better value. In addition, it has plenty of ports for connecting external devices, great for students or workers looking to be productive on the go.

  • Affordable price
  • 8 GB RAM is good for multitasking
  • 4 USB Type-A ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Mechanical Hard drive
  • No numeric keypad

4- Dell Latitude E6430 | Cheap laptop with DVD drive

Best laptop with dvd players built in | Dell Latitude E6430

Features Overview:

The Dell Latitude E6430 is one of the cheap laptops with dvd players built-in which is perfect for anyone who needs to get their work done fast and efficiently on a reliable computer.

The Dell Latitude E6430 is powered by an Intel i5-3340M processor with a clock frequency of up to 2.7 GHz, providing the perfect balance between performance and power consumption for your average user’s day-to-day needs without spending too much.

The Dell Latitude E6430 laptop is perfect for anyone who needs a dependable workstation. It features 16 GB of RAM, giving you plenty of space to multitask without any problems.

The Dell Latitude E6430 is the perfect laptop for anyone who needs to do more than browse the internet during their downtime. With 16GB RAM, this computer provides you plenty of space to multitask and handle anything you throw at it without slowing down or crashing.

The Dell Latitude E6430 laptop comes equipped with 1 TB SSD storage, making it one of the most powerful and fast laptops for productivity. You can store a large number of media files without running out of storage.

It comes equipped with a 14-inch LED display so that you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows, games, etc., on this laptop.

The laptop features 4 USB Type-A ports for your typical USB devices (i.e., mouse, keyboard). There is also a VGA port that allows you to hook the laptop up to an external display.

The Dell Latitude E6430 laptop features a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired internet connection if you don’t want to rely on wireless connectivity.

The DVD +/- RW optical drive allows you to listen to your favorite music or watch movies from DVDs and CDs.

It also has dual-band wireless capabilities so that you can connect to the internet wirelessly without any problems.

The Bottom Line:

The Dell Latitude E6430 is the best laptop under 500 for anyone who needs to get their work done fast and efficiently. 

It can easily handle heavy multitasking loads without performance lags. In addition, the large Solid State drive allows you to store many movies and favorite TV shows at super higher speeds.

  • Great all-purpose laptop
  • Plenty of Memory for heavy multitasking
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Fast startup 
  • The bulky design makes it difficult to carry around


5- Dell Inspiron 15-5570 – Touchscreen laptop with DVD Player

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor  Intel Core i3-8130U, 2.2 GHz
Hard Drive1 TB HDD
best laptops with DVD drives | Dell Inspiron 5570

Features Overview:

To be on solid ground, Dell Inspiron 15-5570 comes with a plastic surface that is quite shiny. The design is sturdy with stables hinges and no noticeable flexing. But the chassis can catch fingerprints which you need to wipe after regular use.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, all the keys are spaced slightly from each other to ensure easy typing. Moreover, the inclusion of a numeric pad is excellent for work purposes. The most stunning feature of this laptop is the backlit keyboard which is not noisy when pressed. And it illuminates dark areas and provides rapid feedback.

Coming to the display, this touchscreen laptop incorporates a 15.6 inches full HD display with Anti-glare LED-backlit. While using we hardly notice any reflections. We experienced that the colors on the screen are somehow faded and the viewing angle is also poor. But the good thing is that the display can handle intense light, so good for any outdoor work. Hence, it’s regarded as the best touchscreen laptop with DVD Drive.

In terms of speakers, Dell Inspiron 15-5570 can produce a clear, loud sound. But don’t expect much clarity in an open area. To overcome this issue, Headphone or microphone port is added to equip those who prefer headphones.

Specifications wise, Dell Inspiron 15-5570 has an Intel Core i3-8130U processor, 12 GB RAM, and Intel UHD 620 GPU. After testing we came to conclude that the performance of this laptop isn’t excellent for modern games but you will find it good for casual competitive games.

Grounded in fact, Laptops with a backlit keyboard and DVD drive often come with good battery life. The same is true for Dell Inspiron 15-5570, it manages to last for around 5-hours of continuous video watching and word processing. But this battery time varies while extensive video gaming.

Hold in there, Dell Inspiron 15-5570 isn’t excellent to handle the heat. When this device ramps up, the heart starts to distribute across central parts. We didn’t like this feature as it restricts us to keep the laptop on the lap for long periods. But you can efficiently stream videos while placing them on the desk.

Bottom Line:

On the final note, Dell Inspiron 15-5570 is the best touchscreen laptop with a DVD player that has all-plastic construction and a flexible lid. And the touchpad is also not too excellent. But it’s suitable to fulfill the entry-level needs of users. Above all, it can excellently handle multimedia and proved as a good workstation. Good to go for casual gaming and basic daily needs!

  • Extremely portable construction
  • Flexible 2-in-1 design
  • Good battery life
  • 90-days of renewed guarantee
  • The plastic design isn’t too attractive
  • Not excellent for high-end gaming

6- ASUS FX73VE-WH71 – Best for gaming and video editing

Screen Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor  Intel Core i7-7700HQ,2.8 GHz
Hard Drive1 TB HDD
Average Battery Life6 hours
Best laptops with dvd drive | ASUS FX73VE-WH71

Features Overview:

Out in the open, ASUS HD Gaming Laptop is famous for its great built-in quality. It comes with a plastic keyboard deck and underside, durable enough to withstand any kind of drops or falls. The lid is innovatively decorated with the company’s logo is placed at the center.

To maintain excellent design, medium-thin bezels are placed around a 1080P non-touch screen.

The main selling point of this best gaming laptop with DVD drive is the availability of a 17.3-inch screen. As per our observations, the weight and dimensions are perfectly balanced to offer convenient carry.

The most captivating feature of this model is the red backlighting keyboard. Although it can show only one color, you can easily adjust the brightness of the key lights. And this high-end keyboard arrives with anti-ghosting technology.

As far as typing is concerned, we found it pretty good compared to other reviewed models. The kays are a bit shallow and plasticky, but fairly firm and snappy to control. Furthermore, the good-sized touchpad is highly responsive and easy to navigate. We feel that it glides and taps smoothly.

Coming to the connectivity, ASUS 17.3-inch HD Gaming Laptop has three USB 3.0, one USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C, one USB 2.0 port. Additionally, one microphone jack, one headphone jack, one LAN insert, one HDMI port, and one mini-Display port are provided to meet almost all the essential connectivity needs.

Moving on, to maintain the excellent connections during high-end online gaming, ASUS 17.3-inch HD Gaming Laptop supports a wireless data network and Bluetooth for better online performance.

The thing about ASUS 17.3-inch HD Gaming Laptop which we liked the most is the powerful hardware system, efficient enough to handle everyday tasks, and high-end graphically demanding games.

Specification wise, it has a quad-core Intel i7-7700HQ processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, Graphics card with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM. And for excellent storage, we have got a 1TB hard drive, which we found ideal for storing large format files.

Actually, the provided HDMI and DisplayPort outputs have our heart, we used it to connect an external display for greater viewing angle and enhanced multitasking. The integrated super-multi-DVD room makes it stand in the list of best laptops with a backlit keyboard and DVD room.

Bottom Line

On the clear ground, ASUS 17.3-inch HD Gaming Laptop has an attractive design with a flare of backlit on the keyboard. It’s excellent to provide a swift typing experience. If you want a laptop with a DVD room, backlit keyboard, and can pay a bit higher then this model is an excellent choice for you!

  • Excellent built-in performance
  • Amazing display resolution and color clarity
  • Ideal for high-end heavy gaming
  • Keyboard has anti-ghosting technology
  • Comfortable and responsive keyboard
  • No Caps, Num, or Scroll lock indicators
  • The fan produces a louder sound under heavy use

7-  HP Pavilion 17.3″ HD Notebook | Best 17-inch laptop with DVD drive

Screen Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor  Intel Core i3, 2.4 GHz
Hard Drive2 TB HDD
best laptop with DVD drive | HP 17.3 HD Notebook

Features Overview:

To be on clear ground, HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook comes with a matte black plastic case. The medium-sized bezels are placed across the display. Except for these bezels, are other surface is textured carved on the structured net pattern.

Moreover, we have found that HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook can withstand a moderate level of falls, and hence you can consider it as a robust companion at the workplace. The best thing about the design is that the base and lid unit is perfectly balanced. This means you can conveniently place it on your lap while working.

To provide a neat look, all the screws placed at the bottom of the HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook are hidden behind the glued-on rubber bars. But while maintenance, you must carefully pull off the bars to prevent their ripping.

In terms of connections, HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook has ports both on right and left sides. At the right, you will fit a storage card reader, USB 2.0 Type-A, and a slot for a cable lock. As it’s the best 17-inch laptop with DVD drive, this could also be found on the right.

Whilst, the left side of the HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook is equipped with two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, power, Gigabyte Ethernet, and HDMI port to provide you with the best of both worlds. Moreover, the provided audio combo port is excellent to meet the desired needs.

During testing, we examined that the transfer and data copying rate of this model is quite slower. But you might find it enough to meet everyday needs. On the positive side, HP 17.3 inches HD Notebook entails a core i3 processor with 8GB RAM and a 2 TB HDD to do all the tricks for you.

To know more about the specifications, a 2TB hard disk drive is provided. We used it to keep our large data files, videos, and personal data, sufficient enough to store almost all the data without wiping the existing.

Bottom Line

All in all, this best 17-inch laptop with DVD Player is found sufficient to meet everyday browsing, streaming, and video gaming needs. It’s not a very impressive model, but the provided DVD drive at an affordable price is the real selling point of this laptop.

  • Large 17 inches display
  • Sufficient file transfer speed
  • Neat and durable design
  • Attractive price range
  • Hinges aren’t too strong
  • No advanced connectivity ports

8-  Dell Inspiron 1388 – Best for office work and online jobs

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor  Intel Core i3, 2.2 GHz
Hard Drive512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
best laptops with DVD drives and backlit keyboard | Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Features Overview:

Grounded in fact, Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000 comes with a plastic, silver slab incorporating Dell’s logo in a mirror sheen. The 1080p HD screen is surrounded by thick bezels, not a different thing for the Inspiron series.

As this isn’t a too expensive laptop, so there’s no metal draped across the whole surface. The lower side of the base is covered with metal only on the visible areas, but the keyboard, screen bezels, and wrist rest all are finished with matte black plastic.

Innovatively, the fingerprint reader lies on the power button which is quite handy to deal with. And the keyboard is a black collection of island-style keys. Coming to the performance, I opened 15 tabs on Google Chrome with one streaming video, and I found it quite excellent regarding loading speed and activity.

In terms of connectivity, Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000 has a fair share of ports. You will get HDMI output, a headphone jack, an ethernet jack, and three USB 3.0 ports. Additionally, an SD card reader and disc drive are provided for those who are in search of it. Above all, it’s regarded as the best 15-inch laptop with DVD drive.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, the keys on Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000Laptop feel somehow shallower and I remain unable to achieve my maximum typing speed. Moreover, the touchpad is spacious and nice and responds quickly to two-finger scrolling or three-finger tapping.

The thing which we liked the most is the quality of the speakers. They are louder enough to fill up a small conference room. We found that the sound vocals and drums are very clear to meet the essential needs.

Regarding battery life, we found Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000 just mediocre. It lasted 5 hours and 25 minutes on continuous web browsing, HD video playing, and playing over Wi-Fi. Although this battery time is quite less than the competitive models, that’s not a deal-breaker.

Moreover, the webcam on Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is 720p. You can’t expect to get brighter and sharper photos, but for business use that’s might not be an issue.

Another amazing feature of Flagship Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is the excellent cooling mechanism. The excellent performance remains well-maintained even during video streaming which is made possible by retaining the optimal working temperature.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable laptop for zoom teaching and online jobs, this Dell Inspiron would be great deal for you as it has an HD display, HD Webcam with microphone to do all your tricks. The incorporated ports and DVD drive are enough to meet desired needs. But the battery life is just average.

  • Smart exterior design
  • Attractive built quality
  • Solid high-end performance
  • Budget-friendly price range
  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Low screen display quality

9- Premium HP 17Z Laptop – Best Touchscreen laptop with dvd drive

Screen Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor  AMD Quad-Core, 2.2 GHz
Hard Drive1 TB GB SSD
Touchscreen laptop with DVD drive | HP 17z premium laptop

Features Overview:

To open up, Premium HP 17Z Laptop comes with a stylish design and a large screen. Stunningly, the big screen and keyboard are perfectly balanced with each other. Furthermore, the eye-catching brushed keyboard and color-matched hinge add flare to the existing design.

The most attractive thing about this model is the available touchscreen. Although many laptops come with touchscreen suit best large laptops than smaller ones. We found that the touch system works well and responds quickly to any navigation.

Moreover, the main selling point of Premium HP 17Z is the keyboard. Most people these days love backlit keyboards, so HP17Z came to meet this need. That’s why it’s regarded as the best 17-inch touchscreen laptop with DVD drive.

Grounded in fact, HP 17Z Laptop is designed for long-lasting performance. Battery life is the main concern for many users. But this laptop is excellent to keep you entertained, connected, and productive throughout the day. On extensive video gaming, this laptop lasts for up to 8 hours. Well, enough to meet all necessary browsing and gaming needs.

To improve the performance, the HP 17Z Laptop comes with a Multi-Core AMD processor which tends to boost the efficiency of software products. We examined that the performance varies depending on the application workload and your preferred configurations.

Moving on, the incorporated 2TB SATA hard drive is excellent to do all the tricks for you. And the RAM capacity of up to 32GB would be enough to hold your stuff.

Well, the camera is also a concern for many. We tested the camera of HP 17Z Laptop and found that the camera is quite good compared to similarly priced models. It can efficiently handle excessive brightness and captured pictures are both bright and sharp.

In order to maintain online connectivity, HP 17Z Laptop supports 802.11ac. So, this model is also useful for gaming. If you want to use it for high-end gaming, the HD resolution can keep you engaged for longer periods.

Coming to the connectivity, HP 17Z Laptopincorporates two USB 3.1, one USB 2.0, one HDMI, one SD Reader, one Optical Drive, and one combo jack. These all compatibilities are excellent to meet the basic level needs of almost all users.

Bottom Line

In summary, this HP touchscreen laptop with a DVD drive has a big screen with a high-end display and almost all the essential features to do the trick for you. The battery life is ample to meet basic everyday and business needs. Moreover, the storage space is excellent to store all your data.

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Responsive and reliable performance
  • Excellent touchscreen navigation
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Hard drive sometimes causes issue
  • Battery life could be enhanced

10-  Dell Inspiron 5000 ‎T8TJG – Best for Students

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Processor   Intel Core i7, 2.7GHz
Hard Drive256 GB SSD
best gaming laptop with DVD drive | Dell Inpiron business flagship review

Features Overview:

On the moral high ground, the Business Flagship Dell Inspiron 15.6-inch Laptop is designed in a simple and beautiful manner. The black polycarbonate exterior feels sturdy to touch and has a rubbery coating on it. Well, this rubberized coating is excellent to safeguard your device from scratches and falls.

Ahead of the curve, the corners of Dell Inspiron 15.6” are kept round to minimize the impact of any falls. The Dell’s logo is carved in the center of the outer body to add some flare to the existing design. Moreover, we found it excellent when fitted in a backpack along with stuff on any long journey.

Moving on, the rubber strips are placed on the bottom which prevents the laptop from slipping off the table. And the provided 15.6-inch screen is excellent to meet everyday and business needs. The hinges are flexible to adjust and feel sturdier to move well.

People often call it a “Silent Machine”, which is due to its excellent cooling mechanism. The cooling fans are not too loud to distract your attention. But they are excellent enough to keep on the built-in performance by maintaining optimal working temperature.

As far as the display is concerned, you will get 15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Truelife LED-Backlit Display. The viewing angles are great which is made possible by the IPS panel and the incorporated Corning Gorilla glass makes it resistant to scratches and falls.

Hold in there, the resolution of Dell Inspiron 15.6” isn’t too great, but it consumes less power and hence you will get good battery life. And the processing power is excellent to handle multi-tasks quite swiftly. Above all, it’s the best gaming laptop with DVD drive.

Discussing the connectivity, Business Flagship Dell Inspiron’s 15.6-inch Laptop has almost all the basic compatible ports. You will get two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, one microphone jack, and an SD card reader. Moreover, the tray load DVD drive is also provided to read and write the DVD or CD.

Grounded in fact, the most attractive feature of this Dell Inspiron laptop is the keyboard design and features. The keys are well spaced and comfortable to type on with decent travel. I swiftly attained 95 WPM and found it tireless to type. Plus, the backlit feature really has our heart.

As far as the performance is concerned, we found it quite reliable. There’s 8GB RAM, and 256GB flash solid-state drive storage make it quite snappy. We examined that this unit is sufficiently powered to handle video streaming, word processing, colorwork, web browsing, and usual media consumption along with other tasks.

On battery matters, Business Flagship Dell Inspiron 15.6-inch Laptop can last around 11 hours and 40 mins of cool performance when fully charged. So, we find it quite enough for a full day of work usage.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of an affordable laptop with a backlit keyboard under 500, Dell 5000 T8TJG would be a great deal for you. The screen size is quite ideal for almost all users. Moreover, the provided ports along with the DVD drive is also attractive in this price range.

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Attractive battery life
  • Good for moderate gaming needs
  • Good storage capacity and performance
  • Display isn’t too great
  • Don’t expect good audio quality

11-  HP 17t Laptop – Best for Business professionals

Screen Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1600 x 900 Pixels
Processor   Intel Core i5, 2.4GHz
Hard Drive256 GB SSD
best laptops with DVD drives | HP 17t laptops

Features Overview:

To get your act together, HP outfitted a 17t Laptop with a minimalist aluminum chassis in an attractive design. The hood is like glazing into the endless desert of silver with the HP logon printed at the center.

Mirroring to the exterior, the interior of HP 17t also comes with a minimalist design. It supports a silver deck with a slightly elevated palm rest. And the display features a slightly thick top bezel but the side bezels are quite narrow.

Moreover, the HP 17t has HD+ 1600 x 900, anti-glare display which is bright and colorful enough to immerse you in whatever you are watching on the screen. It can leap over 220 nits of brightness.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, the keys are placed at a certain distance from each other which we found comfortable while typing. Moreover, the keys give excellently bouncy feedback with attractive travel. I easily nailed 85 WPM which is slightly above my average typing speed.

Like most people, these days are in search of backlit keyboards, so here you’ve found the best HP laptop with a DVD drive in an affordable price range. On the other hand, the touchpad is matte, it felt soft and offered thick-sounding clickers. I found it comfortable in two-finger scrolling and three-finger swiping.

Discussing the audio quality, HP 17t sounds okay in this regard. Practically, the sound quality isn’t impressive as the bass is a bit muddy. Although the sound isn’t too clear, the speakers are loud enough to fill your place with sound.

In performance term. HP 17t which are reviewing has Intel core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB solid-state drive. But the good news is that you can get different storage options with different price ranges in the same model. So, you can get what you exactly want by just spending a bit more.

Grounded in fact, HP laptops with DVD drives are becoming more popular these days. And this HP 17t is no different, it also comes with a DVD drive to read your DVDs or CDs. Furthermore, the 720p webcam is provided on HP 17t Laptop, which is only enough for some basic needs. The contrast ratio isn’t perfectly balanced.

Hold in there, the battery life of HP 17t isn’t too great. The large display screen must be equipped with bigger battery power. We tested and found that it can stay bright for around 7 hours of continuous browsing or video playing over Wi-Fi.

To maintain excellent performance, silent cooling fans are incorporated. During extensive use, the keyboard and touchpad remained almost cool. But on the underside just below the vents, this laptop got 90 degrees.

Bottom Line

On the final note, this is one of the best laptops with DVD burners that can equip you with solid performance while creating documents or web surfing. It has a comfortable keyboard and sleek design. As long as you deal with the short battery life, the HP 17t is a solid choice!

  • Solid graphic performance
  • Comfortable backlit keyboard
  • Slim, sleek, and sturdy design
  • Fast data handling speed
  • Short battery life
  • Mediocre audio quality

12- Dell Inspiron 15 ‎i3593 – Best for travellers

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor   Intel Quad-Core i5, 1.6 GHz
Hard Drive256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
best Dell laptop with DVD drive | Dell Inspiron i3593

Features Overview:

To be on solid ground, Dell Inspiron 15 5000 has a metallic lid and an attractive Dell logo in the center to make a strong first impression. Moreover, the metal is covered over the plastic construction to impart some sheen. As this isn’t too expensive, so the screen bezels are quite thick and are finally touched with matte black plastic.

Moving on, the build quality is very sturdy and attractive. And the screen feels sturdy with all the components that are excellently safeguarded. We didn’t find any problem while slinging it inside the backpack and safely carried it to travel.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the connectivity ports situation is quite standard. You will get three USB connections, an HDMI port, and Gigabit Ethernet alongside the SD card reader. But the interior is easy to access, you just need to lift away two screws to get access to internal components like processor and wire card.

Digging around, the scrabble tile keyboard on this Dell laptop comes with a number pad that has a flair for productivity. The keys are just average and don’t have enough travel. But we found it perfect for browsing, and instant messaging. Overall, the buttons are light and consistent.

Furthermore, the screen resolution is just ordinary to meet the basic needs. The provided touchscreen is really responsive and found excellent to deal with heavy load or clicking. Moreover, the typing on the touchscreen is also excellent and I nailed 85 WPM in only one go.

The webcam on the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is also just mediocre to fulfill your everyday business or study needs. But keep in mind that the colors on the photo have poor accuracy as the color temperature is too cool.

As far as the performance is concerned, we opened almost 10 browser tabs and found it good while jumping from one to another. The performance is quite excellent for web browsing and casual media dealing. Plus, the battery life is also great to do all the heavy tricks for around 6 hours when charged fully.

Inching forward, the audio quality of Dell Inspiron 15 5000is quite satisfactory and excellent to fill the whole room with loud sound. So, you can expect to use it during meetings or while taking lectures online.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000is an excellent all-around laptop for light work, web browsing, and casual gaming. It’s quite aesthetic with a decent build quality. Above all, it’s one of the affordable touchscreen laptops with DVD drive.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Good for advanced gaming
  • Dedicated AMD graphics
  • Smart exterior design
  • Middling screen resolution
  • Battery life isn’t great

Best laptops with DVD Drive – Final Verdict

On the final note, the best Laptops with DVD drive are popular among gamers who want some fancy gadgets to get a more immersive feel of gaming. Such laptops aren’t just restricted to these features, but they are good enough in terms of performance, battery life, and portability.

The storage capacity of these laptops with DVD players built in is quite large and available ports are suitable to handle all your data in an appropriate manner. In this buying guide, we have reviewed models with different screen sizes, resolutions, performances, and price ranges. You can grab any of them which suits best to your needs and budget. Good Luck with your choice!

If you still have any queries in your mind, leave them in the comments section below!

Best laptops with DVD Drive – FAQs:

Can I still buy a laptop with a DVD drive?

Yes, you can still buy a laptop with a DVD Drive. here are some most popular laptops with cd/dvd drive.

Why should you buy a Laptop with DVD drive and backlit keyboard?

To be on moral high ground, the Backlit keyboard is trendy these days and most people love to keep them. The reason is quite simple, they are excellent to keep you engaged, motivated, and fresh. Additionally, you will never encounter any typing problems while working in dark surroundings. And the DVD drive is essential if you want to get some data through CDs or DVDs. Most gamers also love to play games stored on CDs or DVDs.

Overall, the best laptops with DVD drives are excellent enough to meet business, gaming, or general usage. Most of them have excellent performance and good battery life. So, you can grab them to add some flare to your performance as well.

Is a DVD drive necessary for a laptop?

For some people, the answer is a definite yes. For example, if you frequently watch movies or TV shows on your laptop, or if you rip your CDs and DVDs, then having a DVD drive is a must-have feature.

Not all laptops come with DVD drives anymore, but some great options are still available if that’s important to you.

DVD drives in laptops are being phased out quickly for USB-type industries that read BD discs too.

Can you use a DVD player as an external DVD drive?

Yes, you can use a DVD player as an external DVD drive. Many newer laptops come with this feature built-in. All you need to do is connect the player to your laptop’s USB port.

If you don’t have a DVD player or need a portable option, there are several external DVD drives available. Choose one that is compatible with your laptop’s operating system.

When choosing a DVD drive, make sure to get one that has the right connection type (USB, FireWire, etc.), and that is compatible with your laptop’s OS. Also, be sure to check the size of the drive – it should fit comfortably in your hand.

Some external DVD drives also come with a built-in battery, which is a nice feature if you need to take your drive on the go.

Whatever type of DVD drive you choose, be sure to back up your data regularly. The last thing you want is to lose your favorite movies or TV shows.

Why does my Windows Media Player not play DVD?

When you insert a DVD into your computer, Windows Media Player should immediately recognize that it is a video and offer to play the movie.

However, if this doesn’t happen and you get an error message. So instead, there are a few things to try:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. If not, go download and install it from Microsoft’s website (link in Resources). Once you’ve done that, re-insert the DVD and try again.

2. If you’re running Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP2, ensure that the “Windows Media Player Network Sharing” service is turned ON under Administrative Tools > Services in the Control Panel menu. Service needs to be enabled for WMP to share media with other computers on your network.

3. If you’re using a firewall or antivirus software, make sure that Windows Media Player is allowed through the security settings.

4. If you’ve followed these steps and still can’t get Windows Media Player to play your DVDs, there may be a problem with the DVD itself. Try another DVD and see if that works.

How do I watch a DVD on my laptop?

As you probably know, there are two ways to watch a DVD movie on your laptop:

1. You can play the movie directly from the DVD, but this only works if your laptop has an optical drive that supports DVDs.

2. You can connect an external DVD player or USB port using the appropriate connection cable (check the laptop manual for more info), and then watch the movie from there.

Both of these methods work well with most laptops, so it comes down to personal preference. Just be sure to check which type of port your laptop has before making any purchasing decisions.

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