Best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings | 10+ Top Picks

Are you looking for a Chromebook that is perfect for Zoom meetings? Look no further because we have researched for you and compiled a list of some top-selling Chromebooks for Zoom meetings.

These Chromebooks have built-in cameras and microphones, Google Hangouts, and Zoom capabilities and are ideal for online collaboration that will make your Zoom meetings run smoothly.

In this article, we will review the features of these best Chromebooks for Zoom meetings that are affordable, fast, reliable, and have good audio and video quality.

So go through the article and buy the perfect Chromebook for your needs! If you are in a hurry and can’t go through all of the products, we have also mentioned our top picks below so that you can buy the best one right now!

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Best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings – Our Top picks

1-    Lenovo Chromebook C330 – Best for Students

Screen Size11.6 Inches
Screen Resolution‎‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive64 GB SSD
Average Battery Life10 hours
best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings | Lenovo C330

Features Overview:

Grounded in fact, Lenovo C330 is one of the best Touchscreen Chromebooks priced under $300. It comes with an off-white hue and glossy black bezels, just like traditional laptops. Although the look of this Chromebook isn’t classy, the display has no stability problem.

The good thing about this Lenovo Chromebook is; it allows four standard convertible modes including laptop, stand, tablet and display. The panel has the ability to rotate smoothly around a 360-degree hinge. Moreover, the effective performance is maintained by the heat dissipation mechanism which keeps the system cool.

Ahead of the curve, most of the ports on Lenovo Chromebook C330 are placed on the left side, including USB Type-C port for charging, USB 3.0, HDMI, and SD memory reader. Whilst on the right side, there’s a security lock, headphone jack, and buttons for volume and power control.

When it comes to the keyboard, the keys are excellent to give a good clicking feel. This is made possible by 72 grams of required actuation force. Moreover, the touchpad of this Chromebook is quite stunning in understanding the navigation gestures.

While testing, we found that Lenovo Chromebook C330 is excellent to provide enough sound for conference meetings. That’s why it’s one of the best Chromebooks for zoom meetings.

Besides this, the battery life of this laptop is also excellent to serve you best on a professional workday. It offered us an average battery life of 10 hours and 5 mins on HD video play.

Hold in there, the webcam of Lenovo Chromebook C330 isn’t too excellent. We found it so sensitive to light that even mild changes to lighting can create varied photos. So, we recommend you maintain natural light in front of you and minimum light in front of you to get better results.

The Bottom Line:

On a clear note, Lenovo Chromebook C330 has high-end endurance and a comfortable typing experience. Another attractive point of this Chromebook is the long battery life. This Chromebook with an HDMI port will allow you to connect a large screen or projector to it and enjoy watching video on a bigger display.

  • Excellent battery life
  • SD slot for storage expansion
  • Bright screen with good size and weight
  • High-end ergonomic built-in quality
  • Design isn’t too attractive
  • Not too good performance

2-    Google Pixelbook Go – Best for heavy multi-tasking users

Screen Size13.3 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Hard Drive64 GB SSD
Average Battery Life12 hours
best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings | Google Pixelbook GO

Features Overview:

To tread carefully, Google Pixelbook GO Chromebook is designed in thin and lightweight construction. Regarding design, it’s known as the best classy laptop on the market.

Moreover, this laptop frame is made from magnesium alloy, painted in a matte texture. As it’s paired with the rippled base, so you can perfectly grip it while moving between workspaces.

This Google Chromebook comes equipped with 8GB RAM that can handle heavy multi-tasking and allows you to open multiple tabs at once. You will not feel any lag in performance while multi-tasking.

It comes with comfortably spaced keys and high-end speakers. Although the speakers are a bit small in size, they can beat most of the similarly priced models in sound quality.

Whilst, the battery life of this Chromebook is really impressive. It took us around 12 hours to run the Chromebook down in our video playback test.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, we found it unequaled in the market. Google now came with silent Pixelbook keys at a more reasonable price. While typing we experienced that this keyboard is an excellent combination of silence and forceful feedback that we ever tried.

Discussing the connectivity, this Google Chromebook contains two USB C ports which are excellent to handle both charging and display output. And the provided 3.5mm headphone jack is excellent to do the trick. Actually, the port selection isn’t too expensive, but quite average to fulfill basic level needs.

Performance-wise, we found Google Pixelbook GO Chromebook just average in the market of high-end laptops. It can accurately run android games and 1080p playback videos, but beyond that, we found it somehow chug.

The thing which we liked the most is the ability to act as multi-tasking between a number of Google Chrome browser tabs. We opened almost a dozen of tabs and didn’t encounter any kind of reloading due to memory shortage. Actually, this all is made possible by providing 8GB of RAM.

The Bottom Line:

In summary, Google Pixelbook GO is an all-around Chromebook having a simple and superb balance between useability, look, and performance. Plus, it’s proved an outperformer than other Chromebooks in numerous areas. That’s why it is considered as best Chromebook for zoom meetings.

  • Brilliant, high-end keyboard
  • Lightweight and attractive design
  • Incredible battery life
  • Decent performance with solid performance
  • No biometric login
  • Viewing angle isn’t great

3- HP Chromebook x360 – Best Chromebook for Zoom

Screen Size14 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive32 GB SSD
Average Battery Life12 hours
Best chromebook for zoom meetings | HP Chromebook x360

Features Overview:

Out in the open, HP Chromebook x360 is carved in a sophisticated design in a simple, sleek, and sturdy look. Its aesthetics feel like MacBook due to silver aluminum frame and contrasted keyboard. Above all, it’s proved as the best Chromebook for zoom meetings.

Moreover, the lid of the Chromebook has a matte aluminum finish disrupted by the HP logo placed in the center of a chrome circle. And the top-facing speakers are placed under two chrome hinges to proffer better sound quality.

The most stunning feature of this Chromebook is that it could be transformed into a tablet. This transformation is made possible by hinges that can be rotated around 360 degrees. Stunningly, the tent mode of this convertible laptop is excellent for presentations or watching movies without the hindrance of the keyboard.

The Chromebook comes equipped with a backlit keyboard that provides you the facility to continue your typing work even when you are working in a low-light environment.

Like many other laptops, you will find a USB Type-C port on both sides for plugging in an AC adapter. Whilst the right side holds a USB Type-A port, audio jack, and a MicroSD card slot. And the left edge incorporates the volume rocker, power button, and a small tiny sliding switch to do the trick for you.

Ahead of the curve, HP Chromebook comes with the support of latest WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 for best connectivity results. This Chromebook features a fingerprint reader which adds extra level of security and eliminates the need of typing a Google account password if you get locked from the taskbar menu.

While testing we found that the typing on HP Chromebook x360 feels pleasant, aided by responsive tactile feedback. And the provided touchpad glides performed well upon one and two-finger taps.

The Bottom line:

Overall, HP Chromebook x360 is an impressive Chromebook that comes with stunning attributes of an outstanding keyboard, long battery life, and high-end performance. If you’re a bit higher budget, we highly recommend this model for extensive users.

  • Thin, and lightweight construction
  • Backlit keyboard for good monitoring
  • Fast performance in elegant design
  • Very impressive battery life
  • Price may be high
  • Display needs improvements

4-    Acer Chromebook 314 – Best for Office

Screen Size14 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Hard Drive64 GB SSD
Average Battery Life5 hours
Acer 314 | best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

On the clear ground, this sleek and slim laptop comes under 400 and is designed perfectly to meet the needs of budget-conscious people. The 14 Inches display screen is excellent for high view. Moreover, the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels makes it classier.

Furthermore, this Chromebook for Zoom meetings is encased in a slim and lightweight plastic chassis that is durable enough to feel like aluminum. Surprisingly, the blue tint offers an appropriate illusion. The thing which we liked the most is the average weight point which makes it easy to heft around.

Digging around, Acer Chromebook 314 entails more connectivity options than similarly priced models. Actually, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C ports are provided in addition to the audio jack and microSD slot. And its support for 2 X 2 Mu-MIMO WIFI is excellent to make high-end speedy connections.

While testing, we examined that space for keyboard and touchpad is ample to ensure smooth typing. The touchpad is quite decent, clean, and smooth with a square shape to ease the vertical pointer movement across the screen. Overall, the spacious layout and crisp typing action make it an excellent Chromebook for zoom meetings.

As per the descriptions, the webcam on Acer Chromebook 314 is in HD. During the performance, we found that it doesn’t handle lighting very well, but it’s quite amazing for making calls on Skype. Regarding audio, it produces light base tones with slight echo to maintain the natural impact.

On the other hand, the battery life of Acer Chromebook 314 comes with amazing battery time which you can’t get in this price range. While watching HD YouTube videos at moderate brightness and volume, this Chromebook stands for 5 hours of battery time. In combination with other apps, this battery time could be reduced. After all, it seems much better than other tested Chromebooks.

The Bottom Line:

On balance, it’s the best Chromebook for zoom in an affordable price range. Plus, the overall look is quite impressive with high-end battery life. Although it’s not too speedy, but quite good for simple, everyday tasks. You can expect to fulfill your basic needs with it.

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Good battery life
  • Insertion of advanced ports
  • Ample storage to access files offline
  • Screen isn’t touchscreen
  • Occasional streaming glitches

5-    Acer Chromebook R 11 – Best for Travelers

Screen Size11.6 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive32 GB SSD
Average Battery Life10 hours
Acer R11 | best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

To be at crossroads, Acer Chromebook R 11 Laptop is convertible from clamshell mode to tablet mode. This 2-in-1 function is gaining immense popularity among Chromebook users. Moreover, the comfy keyboard and long battery life make it the best Chromebook for zoom meetings.

As far as design is concerned, Acer Chromebook R 11 is carved in a clean, elegant white chassis with a unique diamond pattern on the top and bottom side of the casing. Interestingly, the lid is made of aluminum which can’t flex when pressed.

To add some beauty to the existing design, the black island-style keys are there to add some design flair. We find that the textured bottom of this Chromebook ensures an easy and solid grip. Plus, a cool touch mechanism is excellent to maintain the optimal working temperature.

The most amazing feature of this Chromebook is a pair of 360-degree hinges which allows you to switch it into four different modes. Including, laptop, tent, table, and display with the screen facing outward. The display and tent mode is excellent for almost all media consumption activities. What else you can expect from a Chromebook?

Moving on, the keys on Acer Chromebook R 11 are well-spaced and you will require only a reasonable force to press them down. I tried typing 100 words per minute and found it quite tireless and smooth. Hence, I can proudly recommend it for extensive users.

Discussing the display, we are not much satisfied here. The provided display of Acer Chromebook R 11 has an average brightness of 224 nits, which is quite dimmer than similarly priced models. But that’s not a big deal for daily life users.

Furthermore, the audio quality of the Acer Chromebook R 11 is quite good with clear vocals. Also, it gets nice and loud, that’s why it’s one of the recommended Chromebooks for zoom meetings. But don’t put place it on some solid surface as it can muffle the audio quality.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a budget Chromebook priced under 400, Acer Chromebook R 11 is lightweight and offers a colorful display with a comfy keyboard and decent performance. The battery life of this laptop is good for extensive zoom meetings. And the built-in quality along with performance is proved excellent.

  • Stay fast over time
  • Sturdy, convertible design
  • Long battery life in a sturdy case
  • Full size ports with speedy performance
  • Trackpad isn’t too good
  • Lid can flex

6-    SAMSUNG XE310XBA-K02US – Best Budget Chromebook for Zoom

Screen Size11.6 Inches
Screen Resolution‎‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive64 GB SSD
Average Battery Life12 hours
SAMSUNG XE310XBA-K02US | best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

On a clear note, this Samsung Chromebook for Zoom comes with curved edges with a silver hue, looks exactly like MacBook. Although the aluminum top feels quite nicer, the display bezels make it more aged than expected. Well, such a display is appropriate in this lower price range.

The weight of this item is around 3.91 pounds and 0.7 inches thick; this range is somehow good for everyday users. The plus point is that this Chromebook has passed multiple durability tests such as vibration, accidental drop, high temperature, humidity, freezing, and blasts of dust.

This Chromebook can also run android apps by downloading the Google play store. So you can do more than basic daily routine tasks.

In order to maintain a lower price, the display of this Chromebook isn’t touch type. Whilst the touchpad and keyboard of Samsung Chromebook 4 is pretty okay for me. Although the kays are a bit shallow, I didn’t find them bad by any means. On my first try, I hit 90 words per minute.

Discussing the audio quality, Samsung Chromebook 4 is a legend in this field. It can fill the small room with borderline sound. Upon connecting to mike, the instrumentals sounded quite accurate. To make it the best Chromebook for zoom meetings, we recommend you go for a pair of dedicated computer speakers or headphones.

As far as performance is concerned, Samsung Chromebook 4 is quite multitasking at this price. I didn’t notice any lag while jumping from one browser tabs to another. Moreover, we tested it for Asphalt 9, and this Chromebook performed excellently at a playable frame rate. This excellent performance is maintained by an effective cooling mechanism that can maintain the optimal working temperature.

Furthermore, the Samsung Chromebook 4 has an excellent battery life to stay active for the whole day. Our battery life test showed that it can survive 10 hours and 20 mins on an HD video play. The webcam isn’t too impressive, but quite enough to fulfill basic zoom meeting needs.

The Bottom Line:

The SAMSUNG XE310XBA is one of the best Chromebooks under $250 that will never disappoint you while handling your day-to-day activities. Keeping the display aside, the keyboard and performance are quite impressive. If you want a Chromebook just for web browsing, google docs, and zoom meetings, then Samsung Chromebook 4 is worth a look.

  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Great keyboard for the price
  • Excellent performance for all
  • Extremely good battery life
  • No touchscreen
  • Display isn’t too good

7-    Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 – Best for writers

Screen Size13.3 inches
Screen Resolution‎‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Hard Drive64 GB SSD
Average Battery Life10 hours
Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 | best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

To get a better understanding, Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 comes in a graphite gray color scheme with the word “Chromebook” and “Lenovo” printed on the lid. The lid is carved using aluminum. Upon opening the lid, you will come across graphite gray goodness around the keyboard deck.

Moreover, two sets of speakers are placed like just like in MacBook pro. The keyboard looks stunning with the white printed letters and characters. Whilst spaced, the gray trackpad is placed below the space bar for easy operation.

Back to the design, the bezels on Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 display aren’t too thick or thin. And the thickness of the top and bottom bezels are also different to maintain an effective look. The display screen of this Chromebook is simply decent. So, you can keep it in the list of Chromebooks for zoom meetings.

Coming to the ports, Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 comes with ample stock of the latest and legacy ports. On the left side, there’s USB Type-C, USB Type-A port, and the headset jack. Whilst on the right, you will find a microSD card reader, another USB Type-C port, and a Kensington lock slot to do the possible tricks for you.

As it’s a convertible Chromebook, so I didn’t find any issue while converting it to a tablet. Also, the display supports digital pen input, but the stylus isn’t added to the package. The selling point of this laptop lies in the built-in quality of the provided keyboard. The backlit, island-style keyboard comes with the bounciest keys I ever tried.

The negative point about this Chromebook is the battery life. It lasts 7 hours and 30 minutes on continuous web surfing. But that’s not the deal-breaker if you have a charging facility quite near to your device.

The Bottom Line:

Grounded in fact, Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is especially for the people who are searching for a high-end Chromebook for Zoom and have a bit more to spend. The excellent performance, innovative keyboard, and convertible style are the heart of many users. Grab it if you can bear the short battery life!         

  • Excellent screen with good performance
  • Flexible 2-in-1 design
  • Innovative keyboard in affordable price
  • Webcam privacy shutter
  • Moderate battery life
  • Display need improvements

8-    Acer CB3-532 15.6″ | Best for housewives

Screen Size15.6 inches
Screen Resolution‎‎‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive16 GB SSD
Average Battery Life12 hours
Acer CB3-532 | best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

To get your act together, Acer CB3-532 is a big Chromebook for streaming videos. The wider display is surrounded by thick bezels, which feel like a traditional laptop. Moreover, the speakers are smartly placed under a metal deck just above the palm rests on each side of the keyboard.

Clearly, Acer CB3-532 HD Chromebook doesn’t come with plenty of ports. As this is the best Chromebook for Zoom meetings, so you wouldn’t need too many ports to do the trick.

Well, each side has USB Type-C and USB 3.0 ports for handy access. Whilst, the left side has a Kensington lock slot and the right side contains a microSD card slot and headphone jack.

Moving on, the incorporated speakers are just mediocre but can suit your best for any kind of small conference room meeting. And the 720p webcam is also just needed filler, you can’t expect to capture the high-end image. Well, good to go for business use. While testing, Acer CB3-532 HD Chromebook endured 10 hours and 5 minutes of battery life on continuous browsing and video playing.

As far as performance is concerned, Acer CB3-532 HD Chromebook comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal flash storage. You can use this Chromebook laptop for word processing as well as everyday tasks such as web browsing, and video streaming.

I opened 12 tabs and one 1080p streaming clip and didn’t encounter any delay while switching between tabs.

The good thing about this Chromebook is that it supports apps from the Google play store which greatly broaden your experience. Furthermore, this Chromebook comes equipped with a touch screen that allows you to navigate though different tasks more conveniently.

Also, the heat dissipation is perfectly managed to keep the temperature of this Chromebook quite cool on extensive use.

The Bottom Line:

On the whole, Acer CB3-532 Chromebook arrives with a bigger screen and long battery life. The most attractive selling point is the price range. And the performance along with durability is perfectly maintained. If you can compromise on the style, then this model is good to grab.

  • 15-inch screen in affordable price
  • Metal Chassis with solid keyboard
  • Class leading battery life
  • Android Google apps support
  • Design Isn’t attractive
  • Display quality is not excellent

9-   ASUS C202 – Cheap Chromebook for Zoom meetings

Screen Size11.6 inches
Screen Resolution‎‎‎1366 x 768 Pixels
Hard Drive16 GB SSD
Average Battery Life10 hours
ASUS Chromebook C202 | best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings

Features Overview:

On solid ground, ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop comes with a dotted plastic lid with a rubberized protective ring at the bottom to save it against drops. Interestingly, it can survive 3.9 feet fall and the keyboard is spill-resistant to handle 2.23 ounces of liquid.

The most stunning feature of ASUS Chromebook C202 is the provided high-end keyboard. As the keys have 2.1 millimeters of travel and need 60 grams of force to press, so you can get a comfortable typing experience.

Amazingly, the students can take better advantage out of it by getting blazing assignment typing. Personally, I love little more spaced keys, but that’s not an issue for most users. And the webcam is just ordinary, don’t expect accurate colors on your photo.

As far as display is concerned, the screen on ASUS Chromebook C202 isn’t sharp, but crisp enough considering everyday use. To be clear, we experienced that the color range isn’t too wide. But the brightness of 250 nits is quite enough to use this Chromebook for zoom.

Coming to connectivity, ASUS Chromebook C202 has only a few ports but all are essential to fulfill basic level needs. The majority of ports are placed on the left side including USB 3.0, HDMI, and headphone jack. This Chromebook also features an SD card slot on its right edge.

Whilst, the right side contains another USB 3.0 port, security lock slot, and power jack.

Ahead of the curve, ASUS Chromebook C202 has very clear and loud noise with decent bass. This sound quality is excellent to handle conference meetings in larger rooms. And the battery life of this Chromebook is around 9 hours on continuous browsing over WIFI. I found it quite cool upon 15 minutes of HD video streaming.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, ASUS C202 is an affordable Chromebook priced under $150. It has a durable shell, spill-resistant keyboard, long battery life, and decent performance. It’s quite heavier but safe from any drops or falls. If you are in search of the best Chromebook for zoom meetings, then this model can accomplish your all-dreamy needs.

  • Easy to navigate keyboard
  • Durable, modular design
  • Handsome battery life
  • Budget friendly price range
  • No touchscreen
  • A bit heavier

10. Samsung Chromebook Pro ‎XE510C24-K01US

Screen Size12.3 inches
Screen Resolution‎‎‎2400×1600 Pixels
Hard Drive16 GB SSD
Average Battery Life9 hours
chromebooks for zoom meetings | Samsung Chromebook Pro ‎XE510C24-K01US

Features Overview:

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a slim, lightweight laptop that weighs just 2.4 lbs due to its durable magnesium alloy frame and Corning Gorilla Glass screen. 

The innovative design of the new Chrome-OS-based Samsung Chromebook Pro was inspired by paper – flexible yet strong with no sharp edges or corners. The unique material allows you to stay connected without sacrificing style.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24 features a sleek design that looks just as beautiful in person as it does online– perfect for those who want something more than an average notebook computer without too much bulkiness like tablets are known for having these days. 

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a sleek, lightweight laptop with the Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30 processor. This powerful chip operates at 2.2Ghz and gives you effortless speed when multitasking or browsing online stores for deals on clothes that will make your wardrobe pop!

Samsung’s new Chromebook Pro offers a sleek and lightweight design, 4GB of LPDDR3 Memory to smoothly run multiple apps simultaneously. The 32 GB eMMC storage is perfect for storing documents thanks to its fast speeds at least ten times faster than hard disks on PCs that are comparable in price point.

This sleek and slim design makes taking notes in class easier than ever before while being able to access Google Docs anywhere without worrying about any compatibility issues or complicated setup process because all you need is an internet connection!

The Samsung Chromebook Pro offers sharp, beautiful pictures with a 12.3″ display and 2400×1600 resolution for clearer text that can be seen from across the room or while sitting in an airplane seat. The 3:2 aspect ratio lets you view more content on screen at once without scrolling left to right like your typical laptop would require so even if it’s just used as a tablet, this is worth checking out!

Samsung’s newest Chromebook is a hybrid of tablet and laptop, which makes it easy to work on the go. This SAMSUNG laptop comes with built-in pen allows you to doodle or sketch your ideas while making notes clear with a precision that only this device can offer! 

Samsung Chromebook Pro features a long-lasting battery life of up to 9 hours, so you can use this device all day without ever having to worry about recharging. This is great for people who have hectic schedules and need flexibility in their workspaces.

The Bottom Line:

This slick, lightweight Chromebook for Zoom is a powerhouse for those who want to stream music and videos and write documents quickly with the speedier keyboard.

  • Sleek and slim design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast and powerful processor
  • Built-in responsive stylus pen
  • Long-lasting battery
  • The price is little bit higher
  • No backlit keyboard

11. Dell CB1C13 | Cheapest Chromebook for Zoom Meetings

Screen Size11.6 inches
Screen Resolution‎‎‎1366 x 768 Pixels
ProcessorN2955U, 1.4 GHz
Hard Drive16 GB SSD
Average Battery Life6 hours
Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings | Dell chromebook CB1C13

Features Overview:

Dell’s new Chromebook is the perfect way to explore Chrome OS. Its sleek and lightweight design, as well as its durable construction, make it a traveler’s best friend for exploring Google services on the go with ease!

Dell’s latest device has been designed for people who want something that will be fast and responsive when they need it without slowing down too much as their work continues. That helps make this laptop a great option even if your needs change throughout the day or depending on what projects are going on at any given moment.

The Dell CB1C13 is the best Chromebook under 100 dollars that is powered by an Intel Celeron N2955U processor, which allows it to run at a speed of up to 1.4 GHz and provides more than enough power for basic browsing needs like checking your email or reading the latest articles online!

This laptop has more than enough storage for all of your documents, pictures, and videos. This Dell Chromebook comes equipped with fast SSD drive of 16 GB storage and the 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM that is powerful enough to handle multitasking with ease.

This new Chromebook doesn’t just have a sleek design- it also comes equipped with everything you need when on the go or at home! This machine provides fast boot times so that you never waste time waiting around before getting started working again after waking from sleep mode.

Dell Chromebook CB1C13 is a student’s dream come true! With 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM and 16 Gb SSD storage capacity, this lightweight laptop offers enough power to take on homework assignments.

Dell’s newest Chromebook offers a large, bright full HD screen that is perfect for viewing all your favorite movies and TV shows. With the Dell CB1C13 SVA BrightView WLED-backlit display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, you can enjoy vivid colors in true-to-life detail at any angle so no matter where you’re sitting or standing it’ll be like having the big screen right there on campus!

The newest addition in Dell’s line-up of Chromebooks, the CB1C13 has an 11.6 inch HD screen that can be flipped 360 degrees for use as both notebook or tablet mode with worry-free durability so you don’t have to baby your device while studying away from home.

Dell is adding a new Chromebook to its lineup. The CB1C13 features an HDMI port for easy connection to your TV or monitor, so you can share photos and videos from the web with family and friends in high definition!

The Bottom Line:

Dell has outdone themselves this time by introducing their new 11.6″ Full HD touchscreen Chromebook for Zoom which not only offers stunning clarity but also comes equipped with an amazing battery lifespan of up to 6 hours when fully charged.

This cheap Chromebook is good for kids and its sleek design makes using it easy–all while being lightweight enough that one hand won’t tire.

  • Cheapest and productive
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Economical battery life
  • Multi-format media card reader
  • Lesser offline storage

best Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings – Final Verdict

Keeping the long story short, Best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings is in need for this pandemic period. As we are attending most of the lectures and meetings online, so these Chromebooks can do the trick.

To accomplish your needs related to Chromebooks, we have reviewed Best Chromebooks for Zoom meetings. All the listed models are multi-functional and proved excellent for everyday use. Pick one and enjoy your online success journey!

best Chromebook for Zoom Meetings – FAQs

Ins this section, we have discussed some common queries regarding Chromebook for zoom meeting.

Which Chromebook is best for Zoom meetings?

On a clear note, lots of Chromebooks for Zoom meetings are available in the market. Based on customer reviews and ratings, HP x360 Chromebook is best for Zoom meetings.

Why Should you buy Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings?

Well, that’s the need of this Pandemic period. As we all are residing at homes, so to take lectures and to attend meetings we must have the best Chromebook for Zoom meetings. Although these Chromebooks are excellent for Zoom meetings, they can act as multi-functional to accomplish your daily browsing and typing needs. Plus, they have got long battery life, good display, widescreen, and most are compatible with Google play store apps. So, you will love them in your everyday use!

How do I set up video calling on my Chromebook?

First, check to see if your Chromebook has a built-in webcam. If it does, you can start a video call by opening the Chrome Browser and typing in the address of the person you want to call. If your Chromebook doesn’t have a built-in webcam, you can buy an external webcam plugs into your USB port.

Once you have a webcam, you need to set it up with Zoom meetings. To do this, open the Zoom app on your Chromebook and click on the menu button (three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner). Then select “Settings” and “Webcam Settings.”

Under “Select Your Webcam,” ensure that “Automatic” is selected. It will allow Zoom to automatically detect your webcam and use it for your video meetings.

You can also select “Custom Webcam” to pick a specific device manually. Selecting this option will open up a list of all the compatible webcams connected to your Chromebook so that you can pick one from the list. Once you have selected yours, click on the “Add Custom Webcam” button at the bottom of the screen.

After selecting or adding a webcam, you may need to restart Zoom before using your new settings. To do that, click on “Restart Zoom.” You should now be ready to participate in video calls on your Chromebook!

What are the best Chromebooks for video calling?

If you’re looking for a Chromebook designed explicitly for video meetings, there are a few things to consider. The first is that your Chromebook should have a built-in webcam. If it doesn’t, you can buy an external webcam that plugs into your USB port.

The next thing to look for is good video quality. You want to see and hear your meeting participants clearly, so make sure to pick a Chromebook with a good webcam.

Finally, consider the size and weight of the Chromebook. You’ll likely be carrying it with you to meetings, so it mustn’t be too heavy or bulky. 10-inch screens are ideal because they’re not too heavy to carry around but still big enough to watch the video stream comfortably.

Which app is best for the group video call?

Zoom is a popular app for group video calling, and it’s compatible with all Chromebooks. It’s easy to set up and use and has some extra features like screen sharing that you can turn on once the call starts.

Good apps for Chromebook users include Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), WebEx Meetings (Hangouts plugin required), and Cisco Jabber. You can find out more about these in our guide to video conferencing apps.

Can I start a video meeting by email?

Yes! If your contacts don’t have Zoom installed, they can still participate in a video meeting using Gmail and Google Calendar. The process varies slightly depending on which app you’re using, but the basic steps are:

1) Start a new email thread and include the email addresses of all the participants

2) In the body of the email, include a link to start the meeting

3) Click on the link to join the meeting from your web browser

4) If prompted, enter your name and click “Join.”

5) You should now be in the video meeting!

What happens if you go over 40 minutes on Zoom?

If you go over 40 minutes on Zoom, your meeting will end, and all participants will be dropped. If the host comes back online right away, they can start another video call (if one is available). If the host needs to take a break or go offline for longer than 40 minutes, they can end the meeting by clicking on “End Meeting” in the call controls.

What is the difference between zoom Basic and Pro?

There are many differences between Zoom Basic and Zoom Pro, but the biggest one is that video meetings with other Zoom users are accessible on the basic plan. You can do unlimited audio calls with up to 10 participants, plus you’ll get screen sharing too.

The main reason why most people go for Zoom Basic is that it’s easy to use and good enough for their needs. But if you have any big projects coming up or regularly schedule group video calls where everyone participates.

How do I extend my zoom meeting time?

Click on “Extend Meeting Time” in the call controls to extend your Zoom meeting time. It lets you buy an extra 15 minutes to continue the meeting without having to schedule it for another time. You can buy up to 45 extra minutes at the cost of USD 19.

What are other features available with zoom?

Zoom is one of the most popular apps for group meetings, and there are lots of additional features worth knowing about:

Video messages: This is a great way to send a quick message to someone without scheduling a full video call.

Zoom webinars: This feature lets you host a live webinar with up to 100 participants. You can also sell tickets and access recordings after the event.

Zoom Rooms: This software lets you set up a meeting room with all the necessary hardware (like microphones and cameras) so people can join in from anywhere.

Can I join multiple Zoom meetings on different devices?

Yes! It can be a little complicated to set up, but you’ll need the Zoom app on Android and iOS as well as Chrome. You’ll also need to use your company domain for logging into Zoom web meetings.

To join a meeting from multiple devices:

1) Make sure all your devices are logged in with the same Google account (you can use Guest Mode if they aren’t)

2) Click “Start” on any of the meetings you want to join – this will log you in automatically on all other devices

3) Click “Join” when prompted for a PIN code – this will give access to your other devices too.

How much data does a 1-hour Zoom video call use?

The amount of data used by a standard video call will vary depending on the quality settings you’ve selected for your Zoom account. Still, an hour-long meeting generally uses about 2.2 GB of data. Ensure you have a good WiFi connection before hosting any important video calls.

What happens if you start a zoom meeting too early?

If you start a zoom meeting too early, the host will notify you that the meeting has started early. They can either send the meeting and restart it for the correct time or keep the meeting going and have everyone join late.

How do I record a zoom meeting on Chromebook without permission?

Although you can’t record the meeting without the permission of the host inside the Zoom app, this can be done by installing third-party screen recording applications on your system or using a web browser extension or plugin. There are several free and paid screen capture solutions available for Linux, Mac & Windows, such as Camtasia.

Screen recording is a very useful tool that can be used in a wide variety of fields such as journalism, tutorials, educational purposes, and marketing. It is possible to record the entire screen or part of it. 

Why are Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings so cheap?

Chromebooks are easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to carry. That’s why they are so popular with schools, businesses, and individuals who want a simple and secure way to access their data and applications across devices.

Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings are cheap because they fall on the lower end of the computing power spectrum. They are smaller, have less storage, and have less processing power than more expensive laptops. Plus, some software, like Photoshop, is not fully supported on them. 

Chrome OS is cloud-based (it runs in the cloud) and Chromebooks run Google’s browser Chrome which includes Google apps (e.g., Gmail, Docs). But Chromebooks are not suitable for everything. There are trade-offs to using

They come with Google’s Chrome Web Browser, which is free and lets users browse the web, check email, and access documents from any computer or mobile device running Chrome.

Chromebooks are cheaper because they are designed to rely on cloud computing and web apps. They come with a very limited OS and have very little storage, less than half of what you’d see on an average Windows laptop.

 They also don’t come with a lot of software, like Photoshop, so there isn’t much for them to do, that’s more than just browsing the web. However, the cloud makes up for this. Using cloud computing means Chromebooks have access to an unlimited amount of storage.

How much should I spend on a Chromebook for Zoom Meetings?

The Chromebook is a brand of laptop that runs Google’s Chrome OS. It’s built to be very secure and flexible. You don’t need to install the operating system, apps, or data as you would on a Windows PC. You can access your files from any computer connected to the Internet. 

The Chromebook is secure because you don’t need to worry about viruses or spyware spoiling your day. Most of the Chromebooks offer built in virus protection to keep your browsing and data safe from malware and viruses.

With a wide variety of different models and prices available when searching for a new Chromebook, it can be difficult to know what you’re looking for. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options to consider. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a Chromebook if you don’t want to, but some models offer better performance and features than others. 

To help you decide on the best Chromebook for you, we’ve broken down some of the differences between models. The least expensive Chromebooks cost about $200, while more powerful models go for $350 to $700.

You can find Chromebooks for Zoom Meetings with a keyboard, and touchscreen in various models and screen sizes. The Google Pixelbook GO Chromebook is the most powerful Chromebook under $700.

Which things to consider while buying the best chromebook for zoom meetings?

As you know, Chromebooks are the best when it comes to speed and performance because of their easily accessible application store. The essential thing in Chromebook is its works with the help of internet connectivity only.

Chromebooks are built with powerful parts which can work lightning fast with an internet connection. For using the Chromebook, you need to have access to a Google account where all your data is already present so that you won’t have any difficulty in doing anything on your laptop.

Here are some crucial points to keep in point while buying the best Chromebook for zoom meetings according to your needs:

Build Quality:

The build quality tells about how long it lasts or what it will be its lifespan? It means that if you buy a powerful Chromebook, it will last for a longer time, and you won’t have to take your device to the service center as much as possible. So, look out for the build quality before buying one.

Battery Life:

Another essential factor that needs to be considered is battery life. If you buy a Chromebook with less battery life, it would be difficult for you to carry the charger everywhere and anywhere with yourself. So, go for a Chromebook whose battery can last at least 7 hrs so that you can work without any interruption on your laptop.


See if the structure of the Chromebook matches your choice or not? Because different companies offer different design laptops, check whether the design matters or not while choosing the best one according to your need?


You can also go for a Chromebook for Zoom meetings that lies under your budget.

After considering all these factors, you can easily choose the best one according to your needs. That would help work on zoom meetings because you won’t face any difficulty due to slow internet connectivity or other problems. So, buy the best Chromebook without any hesitation and do it quickly because what matters is time in today’s world, where everyone wants everything quickly.

Which Chromebook works best with Zoom?

Zoom has been designed to work on virtually all modern computers and mobile devices. It includes Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux (Ubuntu).

To get the most out of Zoom, we recommend using a Chromebook with:

  • 1) A screen size of 15 inches or more. The larger the computer’s monitor is, the better for Zoom!
  • 2) There should be at least 4GB RAM. However, 8GB is preferred for large meetings that include multiple participants.
  • 3) Solid-state drive (SSD), which creates a faster computing experience than a hard disk drive (HDD).
  • 4) Bluetooth support so you can connect external speakers or headphones if needed while conducting an online meeting.
  • 5) An AC power connection while in use so you won’t run out of battery while having your meeting.

How do you zoom on a whiteboard on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks don’t have a dedicated zoom button. However, you can use alternate methods to achieve this effect:

  • 1) Press the Search key and type in “zoom” to bring up the Zoom settings page. From there, use your cursor to adjust the slider for an increased or decreased view.
  • 2) You can also press Ctrl and “+” or ““. The plus and minus keys will let you zoom in and out. Pressing Ctrl and 0 will reset it back to default magnification levels.
  • 3) For even more control over how your screen looks, hold down Ctrl and rotate two fingers on your trackpad forward or backward (respectively) to make everything bigger or smaller. Rotate them both at the same time to reset the zoom level back to normal.
  • 4) The whiteboard app itself allows you to increase or decrease your view of the board. Just tap on the menu button and then select “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out.”

Are Chromebooks good for Zoom meetings?

Chromebooks are fast and secure laptops that function well with Google apps, including Google Drive and Gmail. In addition, they offer a simple way to manage files and other information. But Chromebooks don’t offer much power under the hood, nor do they have many ports for connecting your office equipment – which are two things you need when hosting Zoom meetings.
So let’s take at some of the features no-nos about using Chromebooks as video conferencing machines.

  1. Ram
    There should be enough RAM to handle a multi-tasking environment. You should come with 4 GB OR 8 GB RAM to efficiently run your meetings and other office applications.
  2. Ports
    The biggest issue with Chromebooks is that they offer minimal ports for connecting office equipment such as microphones and speakers. So instead of utilizing the excellent HD camera on your laptop, it’s recommended to use an external webcam like Logitech C920 so you can also hook up a microphone and speakers depending on what type of Zoom meeting technology you’re using: USB depends on the meeting type. In contrast, built-in microphones and speakers work best for desktop sharing meetings.
  3. Built-in cameras
    Luckily, Chromebooks are coming to the front with HD webcams, but it’s not very power efficient (and you’ll drain your battery life); plus, it doesn’t come with its zoom lens, which is required when hosting Zoom meetings. Even worse, there is no provision for attaching an external webcam or microphone! So forget about hooking up to a teleconferencing system like ClearOne Chat 150/170 ( ) without additional adapters and dangling cords!
  4. Power
    Last but not least, Chromebooks are just too slow for hosting Zoom meetings because the camera and HD video take up too much processing power.
    If your provider is running WebRTC conferencing technology on your Zoom account, Chromebooks are NOT RECOMMENDED to host meetings.
    You are still wondering if there are any good uses of Chromebooks in hosting Zoom meetings? Think about using it when you’re travelling, or have a mobile office where you don’t have access to all the equipment you need.
    If that’s the case, maybe you can get away with using this affordable laptop to join one-on-one meetings via mobile phone app via LTE connection. But it will be difficult if not impossible for more complex multi-person conferences because of low memory capacity and slow processors.

Does Chromebook support Zoom virtual background?

No. Chromebook does not support virtual background, which is available in Zoom. However, if you work with other software, this feature should be available if you have the required license.

Does Chromebook support Zoom video effects?

Yes, you can edit webcam videos with the same color, motion, and face tracking effects as a Desktop Computer running Chrome Browser. For example, using an extension called “Webcam Effects for Google+ Hangouts” from Chrome Web Store, you can turn your footage into a watercolor painting or an old film from the 20s.

You can also record voiceovers with special sound effects to make your clips funnier or cuter!

How do you change the background on Zoom on Chrome?

You can use a Chrome Browser extension called “Change Background for Google Hangouts” that allows you to change background colors and images on a Chromebook. You will need to sign in to your Google+ account, invite people into a video call, and apply the desired background effect.

Does Zoom support Google Cloud Connect on Chromebooks?

No. Purchasing Zoom supports, which has been installed within an existing Chrome browser session. For recording sessions from connected external audio sources such as a microphone or audio mixer, you’ll need to purchase either an external app or desktop recorder separately from Listen Technologies’ online store.

How do you zoom in x2 mode on Chromebook?

You can’t use Zoom x2 mode on Chromebook. If you are using Google+ Hangouts for video conferencing, it does not support this feature. However, you can still connect to users via other means such as screen sharing or instant messaging if needed.

Do I need a software license for Zoom on Chromebook?

No. You’ll need a simple Chrome browser extension that works with Google+ Hangouts called “Hangout Helper” by Paul Irish. It will enable both microphone and webcam usage during your sessions.

For recording sessions from connected external audio sources such as a microphone or audio mixer, you’ll need to purchase either an external app or desktop recorder separately from Listen Technologies’ online store.

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